23 October 2017

Royal Outfit of the Day: Letizia at the Princess of Asturias Awards

Between the swishy skirt at the pre-Princess of Asturias Awards concert and what she busted out for the awards ceremony itself, I think there's only one conclusion to be drawn: Queen Letizia's in a twirly mood.

King Felipe, Queen Letizia, and Queen Sofia attended the Princess of Asturias Awards ceremony in Oviedo on Friday evening.
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The twirliest, amirite? Since I am always in a twirly mood, I'm allllllll in with this.

House of HM the King
The dress is silk georgette with embroidery and Swarovski crystal embellishment. As usual for this annual event, the outfit comes from Felipe Varela. The designer's description of the frock cited Chinese inspiration, from the collar to the symbols of longevity and the Chinese herons included in the embroidery.

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Her jewelry went black and white as well, with a white diamond Cartier bar bracelet and her black diamond De Grisogono earrings. She also wore a ring she's worn recently, which appears to have some green stones.

House of HM the King
There's a lot of symbolism here, for those that like to search for the *~meaning~* behind the outfit. But even if you don't, this one's still a work of art, plain and simple. Fabulously intricate, fabulously flattering. And surely another fabulous addition to Letizia's Best of 2017 list.

20 October 2017

Royal Outfits of the Day: Letizia, Victoria, and Rania Get the Blues

A color-coordinated grab bag to wrap up our week:

King Felipe and Queen Letizia attended a concert for the Princess of Asturias awards yesterday.
Letizia clearly heard some of you wondering how her joyas de pasar bracelets would've looked on Máxima with that bold Jan Taminiau dress last week, and she would like you to know that they are TAKEN, thankyouverymuch. Hands off her preciouses. (This Felipe Varela-clad event leads up the annual Princess of Asturias Awards, and we'll be covering that later as always.)

Crown Princess Victoria attended a seminar in connection with the centenary of Finnish independence this week.
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Of all the concerning things about this outfit (and it bears a striking resemblance to my local car wash, so there are a few), the blue tone of the stockings might just be the most alarming. I think, in general, it's wise to avoid the Violet Beauregarde look.

Queen Rania attended a King's Academy event recently.
This might be the most luxe take on a mural dress I've seen, and I might be into it. Yeah. Chalk up another win for Stella McCartney (surprisingly enough).
Stella McCartney V-Neck Cape Dress with sequin embellishment (h/t to Heaven)

19 October 2017

Tiara Thursday: The Medinaceli Art Deco Tiara

The Medinaceli Art Deco Tiara
This tiara puts an Art Deco twist on motifs frequently represented in tiaras: palmettes, acanthus leaves, and floral clusters. The nine openwork plaques of graduated size are pierced and millegrain-set with single-cut, circular-cut, and rose diamonds.

The tiara, removed from the frame
The tiara can be removed completely from its frame and laid flat. It’s likely that this jewel was designed also to be a choker-style necklace, though the tiara frame is the only fitting it has today. Regularly attributed to Chaumet, the tiara dates from the 1920s and has French assay marks.

As worn by a Duchess of Medinaceli
The Spanish ducal house of Medinaceli – a title dating back to 1479 that has been held by dukes as well as duchesses in their own right – owned this unusual tiara. It was worn by Ana Fernandez de Henestrosa Gayoso de los Cobos, wife of the 17th Duke, for a painting in 1926 (above), probably not long after the tiara’s creation. It was also used as a bridal tiara in later generations.

As a bridal tiara
The tiara was sold at Sotheby’s in July 2011 for $442,020. It was marked as the property of a ducal house. In the auction notes from the sale, the tiara was likened to the Lotus Flower Tiara and the Gloucester Honeysuckle Tiara, both using similar motifs and both belonging to members of the British royal family. In terms of the overall impression of the piece, I see a likeness to another tiara, one also hailing from a Spanish noble house: the Alba Russian Tiara, which puts a geometric spin on a similar sort of layered design effect.

The centerpiece
The Medinaceli Art Deco Tiara is a large and imposing jewel in use. It was probably best suited to use as a wedding tiara, with a veil as a background to balance things out. As used by one of the brides pictured above, it even takes on a bit of the feel of a peineta and mantilla. And yet, again like the Alba Russian Tiara, it’s not hard to see how it came to sale.

How do you rate this unusual piece?

18 October 2017

Royal Dress of the Day: Máxima Brings the Drama (Again) in Portugal

Hit the rewind button, we gotta wrap up King W-A and Queen Máx's Portuguese adventures. One of their remaining adventures, at least. Because while there were some outfits that were just...*stares directly at camera* *shrugs*...her evening follow up to the state banquet's emerald festival was filled with even more drama.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima hosted a concert on the second day of their state visit to Portugal last week.
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Half cape, half caftan, all drama! This Jan Taminiau gown comes with an all-you-can-handle serving of rubies and diamonds, and its own creatively placed censor bar, free with purchase. Husbands that understand the art of escorting a dramatic gown are sold separately.

Embed from Getty Images
About those jewels, though, seriously. Many people would have seen the bold, clean lines of the dress and gone for a minimalist, modern jewel approach. Many people are not our Máxima. She's experimenting again, using a piece of the stomacher from the Mellerio Ruby set as a pendant on her diamond rivière. She previously used it as a brooch pendant; this is even better. What combo will she dream up next??

17 October 2017

Royal Outfit of the Day: Kate Takes a Spin with Paddington

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry attended an event for children from charities they support, where they met cast members from Paddington 2.
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Well, this is cute. Probably my favorite Orla Kiely she's worn. Which, come to think of it, isn't saying much, but still! I mean it about the cuteness.

Orla Kiely/Kensington Palace
It definitely benefits from a dash of retro styling, so the chunky heel shoes were a good start.

Wait, what's that? You don't care even a little bit, you just want to see her twirl with Paddington Bear again? Fine, fine.